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Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi

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Name: Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi
Alternate Name: Yume Musubi Koi Musubi
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Completed
Author: Sakuragi Yaya
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
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Read Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi Manga Online

High school student Ao decides he’s in love with Ryoumei-san, a priest at the local shrine and Ao’s childhood friend. Not one to beat around the bush, Ao immediately tells Ryoumei he wants to do perverted things together, but it will take more than a little persuading to get the shocked Ryoumei into bed. Between bad advice, romantic rivals, and Ryoumei’s scruples, there are many obstacles in the path of true love.

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